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Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Pune.

The first Picture is of the Audumbar Tree near the Sai temple and Oil painting of Shirdi Sai Babas.

When I was in class 5th staying in Pune ,my parents used to occasionaly visit Sai temple on Thursdays and once every month without fail for Ann Daan.I have very fond memories of my visit to this Sai temple .It was two year back when we went for a days visit to Pune along with my two son I was determined to go to this temple and Bow to Our holy Guru ,have HIS darshan and blessings with my family .And with HIS Grace we were able to have his blessing and spend some divine time in temple .The story of this temple is very interesting and is worth mentioning for all the Sai devotee .

This Unique temple is on the bank of Mutha river -Shiwaji Nagar in Poona near by Rasanae Chawl.Shri Damodarpant Rasane was a Sai devotee, who had the good fortune to have lived with Shri Sai Baba during the latter's life time. The Rasane chawl belongs to Shri Damodarpant. Round about 1945 Shri Nanasaheb Rasane, the son of Damodarpant converted two of the rooms in the Rasane chawl into a temple and started there the worship of Shri Sai Baba.

Shri Mahadeo Nikam, from Khed was a Jamadar in the Police Deptt. He was known to be a sincere Sai devotee and hence he was called by Shri Nanasaheb Rasane to join the activities of the temple. Shri Nikim went to Shri Nanasaheb Rasane and resigned his job in the Police Deptt, he than dedicated his entire life to this temple. Shri Nikam is closely connected with this temple. He became the main pujari , and he was staying in one of the above rooms in the Chawl. He was a blessed brahmachari and he was wearing on his body a Tait (Capsule Talisman) containing the holy tooth of Sri Sai Baba. .He has presented Talisman to this temple . The story of how Shri Nikam came to get this Talisman is written below.

One girl named Kashibai, was married and staying in Niphad. Due to her ill luck Kashibai’s husband died within a few years from her marriage. She was pregnant at the time of her husband’s death. She confined at the proper time and gave birth to a son, who was named as Madhav. When her son completed one year, Kashibai returned to Shirdi from Niphad and stayed with her father. As Kashibai had no means of livelihood, she used to work on some body’s field for the whole day and used to earn some money .Kashibai’s son was more or less a problem for her. There was nobody at her house, who could look after him. Hence she found out a solution for that.
She used to leave her son, in the morning in the Masjid and go away to the field for work. In the evening when she would return from the work, she used to pick up her son from the Masjid and then she used to go home. In the evening, she used to bow down to Shri Sai Baba before going home. As Kashibai used to leave Madhav in the Masjid for the whole day, she never had any worry about him. She used to work in the field whole day and return in the evening. This became a sort of a routine for Kashibai for four or five years.

After Madhav attained the age of five, Shri Baba started giving him a rupee every day. In his turn, Madhav also used to attend to Shri Baba's petty jobs. Smt. Kashibai knew that Baba used to give some money to many people. Once she came to the Masjid and said to Shri Baba, "Baba, you are dialy giving Rupees fifty to some people, to some others you are daily giving Rs. 30. Some people are in daily receipt of Rs. 25 and Rupees fifteen respectively. My son Madhav is doing so many of your sundry jobs; but you are giving only one rupee to him everyday. Why is it so?".

Baba replied "Kashibai,I know I am giving more money to some people than what I am giving to
your son, but remember that I am going to stop giving this prasad to others;
your son's donation will not be stopped. It will continue for ever, I
am the master of widows like you, who have no protector".Kashibai did not understand the words of Shri Baba properly and said, "My Master died some five years before and l am a widow since that time ."

On listening to these words, Shri Baba got enraged and started speaking to her in loud tone. Looking at the wrath of Shri Sai Baba, Kashibai quietly slipped out of the Masjid and went home. She then stopped going to the Masjid for some time. After two or three days, however, Shri Baba remembered about her and He sent for her.

Kashibai came to the Masjid along with Madhav. She was quite afraid to speak to Shri Baba; but Baba spoke to her in mild tone, one tooth of Shri Baba had become loose, hence he pulled it out and after tying it in a small rag long with some Udi, he gave it to Kashibai informing her to keep hat Talisman with her. Baba told Kashibai further that it would do her good.
In course of time, Madhav grew up to be a man. He was now known as Madhavrao. After the death of his mother , he left Shirdi and settled at Niphad. Once he fell seriously ill. During that sickness, he saw a dream, in which Shri Sai Baba ordered him,

"Very soon a person will come to you and you should give him the Talisman tied round your arm".
Shri Nikam came on the same day to Shri Madhavrao's house at Niphad. Shri Madhavrao and Shri Nikam had met each other many times at Shirdi,but just as Madhavrao got a dream, similar dream was seen by Shri Nikam and hence for fulfilment of the dream he met Madhavrao. As both the devotees confirmed their dreams, the Talisman was handed over by Shri Madhavrao to Shri Nikam.

This Talisman was with Shri Nikam for many years and now he has handed it over to this Mandir, for safe custody. It is now kept below the Padukas of Shri Sai Baba in this mandir. In 1950, Saidas Mandal was established to take care of this mandir .
"Here in this picture- Below this Paduka Babas teeth is Kept."
On 12 July 1961, the Panshet dam gave way and the whole of Pune city was under flood water. A large part of the city was devastated and many houses crumbled down like bunglows of playing cards This Sai Mandir at Shiwaji Nagar was at that time actually on the bank of the river. It was therefore no wonder if this temple was caught in the flood-water. Because of the breaking of the Panshet dam, the level of water rose to about twenty to twenty five feet above the dome of this temple.The members of the mandal ran to the site for salvage of the temple. It was really a job to clear the thick deposit of mud on the temple and its vicinity.

The work went on continuously for two or three days and then to the wonder of everybody, the old temple was found to be quite intact.The Audumbar tree by the side of the temple stood as before and was not even bent down a little,wonder of wonders was that the temple and both the oil-painted frame and the picture that you see in the temple was discovered, completely unblemished! The tree and the padukas in the temple were unaffected although all structures round about the place were destroyed in the fury of the flood waters!

Here is the online video of sai temple as mentioned and another very interesting incident related to this temple .

This was a miracle and this renewed the Mandal’s faith to continue prayers at this very spot in the renovated temple.The Saidas Mandal, Pune resolved that it would rebuild this temple in small way, with the grant given by Pune Municipal Corporation and carry out some repairs after clearing the space around the affected area. A small tin shade was erected in front of the temple so that daily aarati could be done, even on rainy days.

After negotiating with the owners, a simultaneous exercise was commenced to reconstruct the Sai Mandir and add few structures like Sabha Mandap and Compound Wall. For this purpose, construction was started in 1973 and completed within a year. The lovely life like “murti” (idol) of Sri Sai Baba which adorns the Sai Mandir to this day, was donated by the Rasane Family.The Kalash Sthapana and Paduka Sthapana (with the sacred tooth well preserved in a silver casket and further encased in a copper capsule) ceremonies were conducted at the revered hands of H.H. Radha Krishna Swamiji.

In this connection, it would be relevant to mention that, while digging for the tooth under the padukas, the earth of that area was sieved and after a lot of effort and tense moments, the silver tait was recovered. The same was opened and Sri Sai Baba’s tooth was exposed to public viewing for 15 days. It was once again packed into silver capsule and then encased in a copper casket and placed under the padukas by H.H. Radha Krishna Swamiji in the presence of a large gathering.
(This was published in Saileela magazine in 76 written by Shri S.M Garje.)

Daily Programs :

6.00 A.M. Kakad Aarti
8.00 A.M. Abhishek And Archana
12 Noon On Festival Days Madhyaan Aarti
12 Noon Naivedyam
6.30 P.M. Dhoop Aarti
7.00 P.M. Sanjh Aarti
10.00 P.M. Shej Aarti

Official Website of the Temple:

Address to Sai Temple:
83/84, Shivajinagar, Rasane Chawl, Juna Tophkhana,
Pune - 411004. Maharashtra, India
PHONE: - (020) 25510790
EMAIL: - WebMaster Sai Das Mandal Pune

Map of Sai temple :

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Coimbatore.

Coimbatore -India

Shirdi Sai as Sri Naga Sai in Coimbatore :

In the year 1939,Sri. H.H.B.V. Narasimha Swamji along with few more ardent Sai bhakt started Sai movement and established first institution in Coimbatore . The Institution was named as Sri Sai Baba Mission ,Narasihma Swamy ji in year 1942 entrusted the care of centre to Sri. A.V.K.Chari .
The late Sri.C.Varadaraja Ayyah donated about one acre of land at Mettupalayam Road and a Thatched Shed was erected at the donated land to house the Sri Sai Baba Mission which was later named as Sri Sai Baba Madam ,every Thursday there shall be Sai Bhajan and it was open for all for Darshan .

History and Story on Advent of ‘Naga Sai’Temple:
On the evening of the 7/1/1943 Thursday sacred for worship of Baba, a miracle happened!
A Cobra snake with Tripundra,Shankha and Chakra marked on his unusually big hood ,shining and lustrous in appearance all of sudden appeared before Shirdi Sai Baba’s picture when Bhajan was in full swing with drums, cymbal and vibration of bhajan was in peak.

This Naag stood there still, Wavering of light, music and drum had no effect on nerves of Cobra. Seeing this people came in hundreds without any fear of snake and stood there watching the cobra with open hood in utter wonder and awe.

Young and old, women and children in thousands began to pour into the spacious land of the Bhajan Matham to witness the Naga that lingered in the same spot for full 48 hours .Naga stood still uterly ignoring all this and giving darsan,on the Thursday and Friday to the great delight of all the devotees.

Lost in divine escatcy Sri C.Varadarajiah and other devotees got about a thousand ''THIRU SAMANDIMAM" flowers and reciting the ashtotram of Baba and treating the Cobra itself AS SRI SAI BABA they stood round it and close to it and threw all the one thousand flowers ove the head of NAGA SAI. The cobra did not budge an inch but received all the flowers over its head. Then they sent for a photographer. When the photographer attempted to take a photo it was observed that the Naga was hidden in the heaps of Javanthi flowers.
what a wonder!!!

On the second day of Naga’s advent, photographer came to take a picture of the Naga in its majesty but the latter was immersed under heaps of flowers. No one had the courage to go near the spot where the cobra was lodged and clear the flowers. The only course open to them was to pray.Lo! The Naga jumped out of the flowers heaps and posed for the photograph as if in answer to the prayers of the multitude. One and all were sure for the first time that it was all the work of Sai Baba.

The devotees then prayed with fervor and faith to the Naga to clear out and enable them to resort to their routine worship of Baba in the Madam. Then the immobile Naga showed signs of movements went around Sri Sai Baba’s picture and slowly marched out into the open, disappeared into the bush where later an ant-hill (snake’s natural habitat) appeared. The place where the Naga disappeared in, held as a ‘Holy Ground’ by devotees and from that day onwards Shirdi Sai Baba in Coimbatore is worshipped as “Sri Naga Sai”.

The Sri Naga Sai Trust Seva:
1) Holy Shrine of Sai Baba,
2) Sai Baba Vidyalayam Middle School
3) Sai Deep Kalyana Mandapam
4) Free Homeopathy Clinic

Holy Shrine of Sai Baba: Sri Naga Sai Trust is the only Holy Shrine of Shirdi Sai Baba to have a Golden Chariot with a Golden Idol of Sai Baba in the world and was dedicated to Baba on the 6th of June’2007. The Chariot comes around the prakaram once in a week on Thursdays at 7.00pm.

Annadhanam : The trust serves food to the poor and devotees on all days at 12.30pm, 6.30pm and at nights on Thursdays and Sundays. Thousands of devotees throng the shrine on all Thursday from dawn till dusk. The trust also serves midday meals to all the students of its Sri Baba Vidyalayam middle School on Thursdays and Fridays.

Sri Baba Vidyalayam Middle School : Sri Naga Sai trust gave priority to the education of poor children in and around the holy shrine and started a school on the 18th of august 1947. Today it is catering to the educational needs of 1009 poor students of whom 526 are boys and 483 are girls. The strength of the teaching staff is 26. The president of the school is Mr. S.Balasubrmanian.

Sai Deep Kalyana Mandapam :
A full fledged Kalyana Mandapam cum Community Hall was constructed and opened in 1982.

Free Homeopathy dispensary : Its was build and donated to the trust by the Late President Sri.B.Kanniah Prasad in 1993 to mark the Golden Jubilee Year. Free medical homeopathy treatment is given to all people.

Website for Sai Nag Temple:

Slide show of the Sai Naga Temple can be seen Here

Address to Sai Nag Temple:

The Administrative Officer
PHONE : +91- 422 – 2440688

Other Sai Temple in Coimbatore:

Sree Saiswari Sadanam
75,New Anand Nagar
Sri VenuSaipriya Sai Baba Anandh Ashrama Trust
Kandavel Nagar
****************Shirdi Shri Sai Spiritual Trust
247,11th street Nalvar Nagar

Map Of Coimbatore:Mark in Read is the METTUPALAYAM ROAD of Sai Naga Temple Address.

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Harayana

Haryana - India

Shri Santan Dharma Mandir
Sector XVII-A


Shri Shirdi Sai Mandir Sohna
Damdama Lake Road,

Village Rithoj,

Sai Aangan Dwarika Mayee
E-Block, Sushant Lok Phase-I,
Detail of this Temple :

Here is a small detail of Sai Ka Aangan Temple.I have been 3-4 times to this temple Sai Ka Aangan and its really very beautiful,it is done with similar architecture and has same look as Shirdi Sai Sansthan Temple . The temple has stone walls, old lamps from the times in Shirdi and artifacts just like see in Dwarakamai.

Efforts have been put to identify every detail and replicate it with Shirdi Sai Temple .The horse Shayam Karna, the tiger,Chulla ,grinding stone, are all replicated.Chavadi, and Hanuman temple are also replica of Shirdi Chavadi and Hanuman temple.Inauguration of this temple took place on 21st April, 2002 on the Ram Navami day by Shri C.B Sathpathy Ji.

Two Statue of Sainath were consecrated. One of them is made of white marble which sits high on the stone. The other life size Moorthi of Baba in sitting posture in Dwarkamayi, made of fibre glass speaks to the devotees showering HIS grace on one and all.

All 4 Aartis are being conducted and Palki procession is conducted every Thursday.I had very nice darshan of Sai Baba and Maruti and I really liked this temple .Very beautifully made and must see for Sai bhakts.

Here is the route map for those who wish to visit this temple.

Shirdi Sai Baba temple Tanzania

Dear Sai devotees
When I was coming to Tanzania I was searching on net for all details of Sai temple but could not find anything, all I could get was a devotees name appearing in various forum from Tanzania so I got in touch with the devotee and learnt there is a Sai temple .My joy knew no bound as I always thought whether I will be blessed to visit Sai temple where I am going.


The day we reached Tanzania, it was Sunday and with grace of Baba the First Thursday Baba called us for HIS Darshan, it was nothing less than the blessing of Saima in such an unknown place.I have already uploaded the Photo of Baba's statue of Tanzania in my previous post.

I always aspired that Sai temple authorities and devotees indulge in Sai seva of uploading the details on Sai temples on Internet.That would have made it easier,especially for the visitor devotees who are traveling to new places or are looking for Sai temple in a totally new place.

With the above view in my mind often, I thought to put the details of all the Sai temple across the globe. And, I am really happy to acknowledge that many Sai devotees have come forward and are ready to help me by providing informations as this is a big task and need involvement of as many Sai bhakt from various part of globe. My dear sister Hetal is also trying her best to give me Sai temple details and asking her friends to come forward. I request readers who are reading this post if they wish to help they please mail me at my ID.

Before I paste the photos of Tanzania temple and all its detail ,I shall like to write a incident that took place on my birthday.

(Shirdi Sai Baba statue at Sai mandir Tanzania )

This Tuesday, on my Birthday, the first thing we did was to go to our Baba and seek HIS blessing .A day before my birthday, I was thinking what will be Baba’s surprise for me on my Birthday? He has always blesses me on special days in HIS unusual manner and I have witnessed and experienced over the years .This has strengthen my believe that Baba will definately bless.With this thought I slept. On 23rd morning I took cake and went to Sai temple.

(Side view of Shri Sai Baba )

I was wearing a pink color suit and my boys had off in their school .As soon as we entered the temple and looked at Baba my happiness knew no bound .I saw Baba in pink dress beautifully dressed. My boys who are not so aware to notice such things due to their playful activities also noticed and pointed to me .I was thrilled and my day was blessed. I experienced HIS blessing there and than in the temple and my day was made.

It might sound very normal but I am sure for Sai bhakt who look for small- small blessing of Baba in each and everything would agree how much does it matter!And it meant a lot to me. I am pasting the photo of Sai Baba taken on 23rd.

(Sai baba looks so beautiful )

Not only this .My good Sai friend Kouwshigan gifted a beautiful digital photo of Baba on my Birthday and it is beyond compliment -extremely beautiful. Words cannot express .Baba looks like He will come out of the computer or will just speak. What else can I ask more from my deva? He blessed and blessed immensely ,my family ,my close ones ,so many Sai friends, Sai devotees whom I don’t know personally poured their heartfelt wishes what else I can ask for ?Truly blessed day .

I shall share with you this photo soon as little work has to be done and I am sure all Sai bhakt will preserve it in their Sai folder to keep it forever .

(Vishnu Bhagwan Photo with All gods.)

(This is in the center of the temple where Shiv ling is placed and devotee can come and offer their prayer .)

(Durga Ma with Lord Krishna.)

Shivaling where devotees come and do pooja.

I shall be there in each and every Lane

Dear readers
When I begin to write on Sai Temples across the globe I was perplexed from where I should start? The very first thought of course was to start from Shirdi ,the Holy land ,where Baba spent more than 60 years .I just started drafting then the inner voice told that I should add something more .While going through my folders in my computer I came across one photo which I had taken during my last visit to India to my parents place .The find was so appropriate that I thought to start from that and to add simultaneously more detail on Sai temple on to it .

We know Shirdi was a small and remote village in AhmedNagar Jilha taluka Rahata .Now it is no more remote or a village after the advent of Sri Sai Maharaj it has changed completely .This village which is situated 8 miles from bank of Godavari was earlier called as Shiladhi.

How fortunate is this land where Baba came ,stayed ,lived and took Mahasamdhi in this holy land !If we break the word Shiladhi the two words SHILA and DHI has these meanings.SHILA means-mountain and Dhi-means Budhi.So Shiladhi means that village who's budhi is steady ,calm and serene as a mountain . And as years passed by this Shiladhi came to be known as Shirdi.One very interesting fact I shall like to narrate here which Baba said in this following incident.

Moreshwar Pradhan bought painter Shyam Rao Jayker to Shirdi to paint 3 portraits of Baba .Jayaker stayed in Shirdi for 9 months and every time he painted a portrait Baba would tear it up, finally he painted a beautiful portrait which is now kept in Shirdi museum.Baba smiled and said " Banao aur Banao Mae tho gali gali maie rahne wala houn.(Make more and more portraits for I am going to stay in many a lane) .How true !!

We all witness and find Baba's word true like gold, we find his temple ,his photo in the smallest or remotest lanes all over India and other parts of world.

This fits true to this photo which I have uploaded here and I found while I was searching my computer as mentioned above .

This was not noticed till last year .This year when I went to my parents place a hill station ,where till last few years no one was knowing much about Sai Baba, in just a span of few years I find every third person wearing Baba's locket and praying Shirdi Sai. In the hill station there is no individual /independant Sai temple but Baba is present in homes of HIS so many devotees.

This was very exciting and happy moment for me to see Sai Baba's photo in this temple of goddess Gurna.Before I write more I would like to mention the importance and divine blessing of this temple.

I do not recollect when it started but must be more than 30 years that this temple was built by the local people for the safety of the passengers ,the road to this hill station was very difficult to travel ,every now and than there would be news of some accident.The turns and curves of road ,land slide,rough terrain, poor road condition would make it tough for passenger to reach home safetly .

The spot where this temple stand was one of the deadly curve where the whole bus or any other vehicle would fall down the valley and no one would survive.With Goddess Gurna's guidance-blessing and efforts of local people this temple was built on that spot.This temple no one can miss as its the only road which connects with the town and outside world.

Those who would go out of the town would stop by this temple, seek blessing of goddess and than only move ahead, same would be followed when returning back to town (entering the town).Those who would abide by this would be safe and reach safetly and those who jeered or did not follow would face some or the other discomfort throughout the journey(in some cases break failure /breakdown of vehicle etc can imagine anything ).This is the blessing of this Gurna temple.

Whenever I would go with my family we would also stop, take blessing of goddess Gurna and move to our home ,this time when we were returning back to Tanzania I noticed that on the wall there was picture of Shirdi Sai Baba,I was enthralled and speechless ,never had I imagined that I will see Baba on this spot of hill.I immediately went to car and bought camera to bring my Baba with me here with goddess Gurna.

No wonder why I had a inner voice telling to look for something more.Now when I recollect Baba's vachan " Banao aur Banao Mae tho gali gali maie rahne wala houn." I am speechless to explain anything more ... except this that Baba has reached not only gali but many more places unimagined by human mind.

Not only this I recollect I had read ,many a times while Baba conversed with Mhalsapathy he would tell him about the future of Shirdi. Baba would say "Aree Bhagat this little village will become a famous place of pilgrimage .Huge palatial buildings will come up. Pilgrims will flock to this place from far and wide .Highly placed officials and famous people will visit Shirdi.There will be much pomp and show ,Bhagat .In fact people will be crawling like ants”. What to say for this!!This time when we were in Shirdi we witnessed it completely, we all were like ants crawling for Baba's darshan where the queue began where it was leading nothing could be judged!Never ending crowd of devotees would keep pouring in, whether it was day or night ,devotees from all sphere of life were present for glimpse of our Sathguru Sai Baba.

While I am writing this I have goose bumps all over and a thrilled feeling how Baba indicated all this years back and we are reading this and witnessing it now .We may have not witnessed what Baba said at that time to Mhalsapati ,but we are witnessing what He had said .

We are fortunate to be chosen by Baba otherwise when I think of my life without Baba it has no meaning ,no charm no value. How blessed we are all to be pulled by Baba in his fold and leading our life with highly powerful/divine loving Grace of our Mother Sai.

Mentioning about future I also recollect once to Shama and Tarkhad (one very interesting post related with Tarkhad I have already posted in my other blog ) Baba spoke of the future of Shirdi and said that "Golden Days are ahead of us." How can witness all this today.

And so it came true and people from all over the world come to Shirdi.For once they come they have irresistible urge to come again and again and for me I wish to stay back there forever at the Feet of my Sai.

Request for Shirdi Sai Baba temple's details.

Sairam to All,

This is a Herculean task to cover all the temples and centers because Baba is omnipresent ,but I will try to cover as many as possible .

This is a idea blessed by Sainath and I am trying my best to go for it .I request Sai devotees,Sai temple authorities,trustees,sevakaris to come forward and extend their help by passing me the information related to Sai temple they know about and about Sai temple near by where they reside.

I am giving here the pointers for what all information I shall be seeking for the temples .Please note these and come forward for this Sai seva and mail me the details as and when Sai devotee come across.

The information needed for Shirdi Sai Baba temple /Sai Centre are mentioned below:

1. Shirdi Sai Baba temple History.

2. Any Shirdi Sai Baba incident/Dream/indication related with construction of Sai temple or thought behind building the temple

3. Photos of Shirdi Sai Baba statue of mandir and photo of temple premises. (Compulsory)

4. Postal Address/e-mail address/phone number/website details (if website is there)of the contact person of the temple /centre.

5. Trustee and managing authority and their contact details (if they want to give-not compulsory).

6. Shirdi Sai Baba seva conducted or undertaken by Sai temple. (if it is there)

7 Temple programme and their timings.

Idea behind these details ,one can easily figure out it is for benefit of all Sai devotees who can find resource of various Sai temples across the globe in one place and look out for what they are searching and can easily reach the temple or call them or get in touch with them .

I request Sai temple authorities to give the details through e-mail along with Photo of Sai temple so that it is one collective detail about the concerned temple instead of just giving the link of their website and asking me to copy from there. Sai Ram to All and May Baba guide us to carry this task properly in his guidance.
~Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jay Sai ~
At the feet of my Sathguru Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba temples in Kerala

Kerala - India

Shirdi Sairam Sansthan Dhakshina Shirdi
Thiruvilwamala, Trissur,

Shirdi Saibaba Mandir
Mr. Divakar D. Deo, 3 - D, Bay View Apts
Princess St. Fort, Cochin,
Muthalamada Sneham Charitable Trust
Puthan Veedu, Kambrathchalla,
Muthalamada PO, Palakkad Dist - 678507,

Shirdi Saibaba Mandir
3-D, Bay View Apts, Princess St.,
Fort, Cochin,
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